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Maintaining and Measuring Service Quality

Silver Lake Food Pvt. Ltd.

Education & training plays a vital role in awakening the quality consciousness. To cater this need, company has built modern training center. Regular workshops on different topics are held. Eminent speakers are invited to conduct seminars. Training of employees is a distinctive feature of the company policy. Every one from top management to floor shop worker are required to spend specified number of hours in a year on training related to his area of work.

Why choose our healthy products?

We are striving to produce safe and quality food at appropriate value under
Environment friendly conditions. Management is committed to comply with relevant management systems putting all efforts necessary for continual process improvement.
Branding & Marketing
Project Management
Management comprises of competent & qualified staff. All of them are well versed in their respective area of operations..
Company vigorously pursues the quality assurance in all processes starting from procurement of materials to shipment of finished products to the customers. This is evident from our quality policy.
Company places great emphasis on research & development. For this purpose, it has a well-equipped and modern laboratory run by qualified staff. Which is responsible for the development of new products and it carries extensive research to improve the quality of the products.
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